Intro to SMS and Email

SMS & Email Sequence #

Sequence messaging is a marketing strategy that sends, or “drips,” a pre-written set of messages to messenger bot subscribers who have phone number or email address over time.

This feature can send 24H hourly and daily SMS/Email sequence to messenger bot subscribers phone number or email addresses.

The subscribers will be assigned under your sequence campaign automatically based on their phone number or email address existance.

However, you can also assign manually or change the campaign.

SMS & Email Templates #

To get started with SMS/Email sequence, you’ve to create SMS & Email Templates to create SMS & Email Sequence campaigns.

Go to Broadcasting menu and you will find two blocks named SMS Template and Email Template.

Go to SMS or Email template section and click on New Template button, a form will be appear in moda.

Create SMS or Email Templates by providing informations.

Also, you can see the existing templates in the table from where you can view,edit and delete templates.

SMS & Email Sequence Campaign #

After completing SMS & Email Template part, Now you need to create sequence campaign.

Go to Messenger Bot > Bot Setting and you’ll find a dropdown menu named Sequence Message Settings.

Go to SMS/Email Sequence Settings from the dropdown menu.

You’ll find existing campaigns in the table. The list will also show briefcase icon beside every sequence setttings that will expand action buttons including edit, delete and reports.

Now Click on the Add Sequence button to add a new sequence.

In the form you can choose SMS or Email Sequence type.

You can set 24H houly and Daily SMS or Email Sequence campaigns by selecting templates.

You can add SMS/Email Templates by click on  icon at the bottom right corner and then click on  icon to get the added template.

You can also add or remove more hour or days by click on Add more / remove last button.Campaign will be applied to those subscribers have email & phone number.

Sequence Type #

You can choose SMS or Email as sequence type. Whenever you choose SMS or Email, corresponding template will be loaded in Sequence time section for 24H and daily sequence.


You can send 24H hourly SMS/Email Sequence. System will send SMS/Email Sequence to the corresponding page subscribers who have phone numbers or email addresses as per set up campaign’s hour basis.

You can also set up daily SMS/Email Sequence. You can set upto 30 message in this sequcne ranging from day 1 to day 30. For daily campaign you can specify the time of the day you want to send the SMS/Email. System will start processing SMS/Email from starting hour & terminate processing at closing hour of the day. The time interval must be minimum one hour. If your subscriber list for this campaign is large, you should select larger time interval in order to send all SMS/Email properly.


The report of hourly and daily sequcne sms/email will look like below correspondingly. It will show each hour or day report of each send and will show the send & delivery status alongside with error messages if any.

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