The dashboard shows all your existing WooCommerce plugins and from the left block, you can switch among your different stores. By default, the first store is selected in the left block and the right block shows your store cart activities and reports. The dashboard shows the last 30 days data by default and you can change the date range from the top block.

Store Statistics #

You can see the total cart created after the plugin has been installed on your WooCommerce store as well as the number of carts system that’s able to send a reminder, the total number of successfully recovered carts, and total earning using this plugin.


The dashboard also shows earnings using a line graph breaking into days as well as top buyer countries.


This block shows all the cart activity triggered on your WooCommerce store whenever a new item added to the cart, an item removed from cart, and a successful checkout event. Clicking a specific activity will open a dialog to show details of that activity in a particular cart format like below. If the operation is a successful checkout, then it also shows the confirmation message report at the bottom of the dialog.


There are different actions including reminder report, edit, download plugin and delete plugin.

The highlighted block below shows reminder report and reminder API response.

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