SMS & Email Sequence

You can also set sequence campaign for users, who provide phone number or email address through quick reply or post-back button.

Go to Messenger Bot > Bot Settings > General Settings and set your SMS or email sequence campaign.

Whenever system gets New phone number or Email through quick reply, created sequence will be assigned to those subscribers.

Bulk Assign Sequence To Subscribers #

You can also bulk assign sequence to bot subscribers manually. Go to Subscriber Manager > Bot Subscribers. Select Page from the dropdown and select your subscribers, then select Assign Sequence from Options.Bulk sequence assign is available for Email & SMS cmapaign. For Messenger, bulk campaign isn`t available due to safety & avoiding breaking 24 Hours policy.

You can also assign sequence to single subscribers and it is very useful to assign a sequence manually to a subscriber from Subscriber Manager > Bot Subscribers > Action

Assign Email & SMS Sequence with postback Manager #

You can also assing Email & SMS Sequence with postback manager. First of all Go to Messenger Bot > Postack Manager and click on Create new template to create postback template. Then Select your page and creat a postback template with Sequence Campaigns

Go to Messenger Bot > Bot Settings > Bot Reply Settings 

Click on Add bot Reply. Set your bot reply with your created postback template with sequence campaigns.

Select Text with button as reply type and select Postback as button type, then select the postback id (You can also add postback reply template from here also by click on  Add button) and save the bot reply.

Whenever page gets postback reply, postback sequence campaign will be assigned to that subscriber. Please check this at Subscriber Manager > Bot Subscribers > Action section.

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