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Click the Create Plugin button at the top block to create a new plugin for your WooCommerce store.

Creating a plugin a very easy, you just need to choose some options and set your reminder message as well as checkout confirmation message.

This add-on uses Facebook Messenger Checkbox Plugin to OPT-IN. You need to select a Facebook page to connect it with you WooCommerce store domain.

You can choose labels and whenever anyone optin they will be assigned to the labels. Also you can choose optin success message to interact with visitor.


It supports 3 types of messages :

Facebook Messenger, SMS and Email. You can send reminder message 1 to 23 hours from the time a visitor starts a cart.

You can set maximum 3 reminders for each type of channels at any hour you want.

You can send them checkout confirmation message as well. Message can have these variables :

  • {{first_name}}
  • {{last_name}}
  • {{email}}
  • {{mobile}}
  • {{cart_url}}
  • {{checkout_url}}


After you save your preferences, a dialog will open that will have link to download the WooCommerce plugin for your store.

The dialog will also contain the configuration data used to generate the plugin.

You do not need to do anything with the configuration data. You can just install the plugin in your WordPress admin panel.


After you install the plugin you can see a menu in your WordPress admin panel called “Abandoned Cart” having two submenus.

The first submenu shows the same configuration values and the second one shows if there was any error during a cart activity. Again, you do not need to do anything with the configuration data.


Now you can see a checkbox opt-in option in every product single page.

Visitor need to click the checkbox opt-in so that the system can send them messenger reminders.

Whenever a cart activity occurs system gets a webhook request. A sample messenger reminder has been displayed below.

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